Friday, 1 January 2016

Twenty Fifteen

I don't know about you (obviously i don't, well maybe if I follow your blog then I probably do) but 2015 has been a great year, one of the best ones ever (well one of the best ones i can remember out of like 2000 - 2015) (because lets be honest, who can remember every year?). Why has 2015 been so great you may ask? (or you may not ask, I won't know until after I post this blog so I can only assume for now). 

(I just realised I do this bracket thing waaaaaaay tooooooo much, I will stop starting from now).
(Unless you guys don't mind?? Lol i want to say comment down below if you mind/don't mind but no one ever comments and no one cares so OMG i need to stop this bracket thing!!!!)

Reasons why 2015 has been a really good year for iFarheen

  • I got a MacBook Pro - It's not one of those things that I've always wanted but it is one of those that I've wanted or I wouldn't mind having but I would mind not having. But now I do have two laptops because my old one is still fine and works great, maybe it'll just be a back up. Also, I can finally go to Starbucks and uni and any library with my Macbook and fit in rather than taking my old laptop with my charger plugged in. 

  • I passed my driving test!! - Notice how this one has two exclamation marks?? I'm very happy about that one because it felt like a chore every week and now it's done! It wasn't a long process and such but it wasn't easy, some lessons were harder than others and it wasn't easy balancing lessons and work and uni stuff. That's all done and over with now, I'm just sitting on my pink license.. Maybe I'll make this whole paragraph pink so it's like my license? no ? too much? okay sorry

  • Finished my first year at uni and now on to the next year and semester - Again, this one wasn't easy either and I've never had myself down as lazy but oh my god I am definately lazy. I left everything so last minute and  didn't even do the essential reading let alone the recommended or the secondary :/. And then I complain that being a student is hard??? How would I know?? Do I even act like a student?? ( Yeah obviously when I'm shopping and student discount is available). I'm still proud of myself for making it this far with no motivation and the urge to drop out 

  • iFarheen went to a lot of new food places  and explored different activities - I don't mean travelling because unfortunately I never left the country this year :( But I have been to lots of new areas and tried new things like afternoon tea and 5D world and laser tag and top golf and lots more!  

  • I got a segway - lol idk the opportunity to tell you guys I have segway was there so I took it. It's black with blue lights and soooo heavy in case you ever want to take it travelling 

  • Re-decorated my room - It's still not exactly how I want it but my room is so small so I can't really do what I want and i have way too much stuff for a small room. My room can't handle it and I'm kind of a hoarder so i refuse to chuck things away. I always keep nice packaging and stuff but I really don't know why. But yeah I have nice wallpaper now and new furniture but it's still a work in progress so no room tours anytime soon (lol I know I know you don't want a room tour )

  • That's all really .. I guess I could say stuff like my perfume collection is booming and my book collection is getting smaller because I've stopped hoarding books and I've tried/bought new make up that I thought I would never get. I still have a job but i'm not the youngest there anymore :( it's okay though they still love me. 

Thanks for reading, shall we same same time next week/month? I will see if i can take time out of my busy schedule to blog for you guys. Thanks for reading and happy new year, I hope this year goes very well for you all :-) 

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