Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lipstick Lovin'

 Lipstick Line Up

It's not a beauty blog, this is just a beauty post.

 I don't love make up but i thought I'd blog about some of my favorite lipsticks! I store my 'most reached for' lipsticks in an old Soap & Glory ' The Rightous Butter' tub. I'm aware that the names are impossible to read so i'll leave the name and links to them right here.

Rimmel Kate Moss - 107 < Hate it, why is it so drying pls

Its alright but too pinky for me > No7 - Classic Rose 

ELF - Posh < Thought it would be darker, again its too pinky
Gives me chocolate colored lips ... > Body Shop Lip Balm 

My favorite and I've repurchased it several times Soap & Glory - Red My Lips

Bobbi Brown - Plum Rose 10 < Love this for everyday

No, what was i thinking > AVON - Really Rosy

AVON - Brown Rum < Old favorite 

Again, no, what was i thinking > MUA - Shade 1

Satin 'Rebel' | Matte 'Viva Glam' | Satin 'Armorous' 
  ^ All my favorites, not because they're MAC but because the color pay off is perfect and i love the formula as its not drying at all!