Monday, 3 August 2015

Why are my blog titles pink?????

Real talk, whats with the pink?? 

(Obviously i mean the color pink and not the singer and also, why am I still doing it???)

To be honest, I don't know why I've decided to do the 'where I've been' blog today because after this post, I probably won't blog again for another three months. But I was cleaning my room the other day thinking "I'm going to blog today and tell everyone what I've been doing (which is nothing btw)" "I'm going to go and change the layout and stuff on my blog and make it look nice" "Gonna do a really good blog post that people will be silly not to read it" "Going to add all the nice pictures i took in the last 5 months". Maybe all of that will happen another time because it's not happening today. 

Brb have to get my laptop charger! Also, I have to go soon because I have work in an hour so this really is a quick one. I chose to write this instead of having breakfast....... Ok so the back to the topic of why we are really here??? Why do i make the titles and some of the text pink?? I don't even like pink? (Actually that's a lie, its a cute color... IF I WAS STILL 11). I have pink lipstick and pink blusher and nail polish (I'm looking around my room for pink stuff) and I also have a pink folder, and a perfume .... Basically, what I am trying to say is that I probably won't do the pink thing again, I'll just stick to black. I need to make a huuuuuge TO DO LIST for my blog because i also need to get rid of the 'Love Farheen' picture thing that i add at the bottom.. If you don't know what that is then I'll insert it here 
Lol it took me a long time because i forgot how to insert pictures, Well that needs to go (maybe it doesn't, it's not really a life or death situation)^^  

I also need to go because I have to get ready for work. Maybe I should just delete this blog?? I don't know. For me, I'ts either blog or write in my journal and I'd rather write in my journal because I can use colors and stick in receipts and cinema tickets and write bad stuff about people and no one will ever see it. Well they will see it if they find it and i do just leave it lying around so people will find it. (I'm joking I don't write bad stuff about people and even if I did then you wouldn't know unless you find me and steal my journal) 

Ok if I go now then i can squeeze in breakfast and i'm really starting to like that idea so bye now, see you in November. (It's gonna be them ones where i said that but i don't really mean it but it will end up happening and then in my next blog post i'm gonna be like "omg who knew" "I know i wrote November but i didn't actually mean it" 

Shall i just add the Love Farheen thing in for the last time?  BYEEEEEEEE

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