Sunday, 2 February 2014

Saturday Summary

Saturday Summary 

I know you don't care much about what i did today but it was either this or something else you don't care about and i wouldn't dare to put you through that 

Cookies m8
Around 11am, me and a friend, went to the Sauna/Jacuzzi/Steam Room at my local gym. If i'm honest, I don't particularly enjoy any of those facilities but I always end up going like every month because of the 'benefits'.Unfortunately for you, I don't have any pictures of that but i do have a picture of some biscuits on a green plate that we ate at a cafe after sweating like shit in the Sauna.

It was a white chocolate chip cookie shake m8
As its my little sisters birthday next week,i decided to take her out and buy her an early present since i wasn't doing anything today. Here's a picture of a milkshake (or cookie shake as they call it) I got from Millies Cookies 

My sister decided she wanted some new shoes so here's a picture of me holding the shoe boxes to the counter because in Schuh they don't put it behind the counter for you )-: . The converses are for my sister and obviously my brother wanted a pair so I'm sure you can guess what happened next.

Navy Adidas Gazelle
I told him to get the grey ones but he liked these colors and he's only 6 so whatever he wants eh m8

White converse high tops
The most basic ones ever 

Then we all went home and lived happily ever after :-)

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