Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lunch at Wahaca

Wahaca date

I went to Wahaca today for the second time and got one of each from the 'Street Food' menu to try everything as i have never ate properly at a Mexican place before.The last time i went i got desert and a Mojito (see picture below). But this time, i was hungry and it was lunch time so here's what i got and what i thought of everything.

Chicken Taquito- This was basically chicken in a fried, crispy spring roll with loads of salad and feta cheese on top. There was a lot of lettuce and cheese but not a lot of chicken but i realised that they don't really have  alot of chicken in the menu, more pork and chorizo.

Plantain Taco - No no no no no no no n o n o n o n o n o 

Chicken Ceaser Tostado - Very little pieces of chicken and more lettuce. Never the less it was still nice and light.

Huitlacoche (Mushroom and melted cheese) - The best Street Food from today, it was basically like a panini and i like paninis a lot. We decided to get the mushroom one because we got a lot of things that already contained chicken and I'm glad we got a mushroom one instead 

Overall everything was nice (except the plantain taco which we never finished but now i know to never get it again) and the service was exceptionally good. The atmosphere was pleasant and prices were cheap!! I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you like Mexican food!

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