Saturday, 8 February 2014

Movie Madness

Movie Madness

Its only been 2014 for 6 weeks and I've already been to the cinema too many times. I only used to go to the cinema if it was for a friends birthday or if i really really wanted to watch something in high quality with overpriced sweet popcorn that i don't even like because of the kernels that always get stuck in between my teeth. But i guess its the norm to have popcorn in the cinema and i just want to be like everyone else. So here's a list of the movies i watched in the cinema (new releases), you should know that i watch a movie almost every day on my laptop.

12 Years a Slave 
Although this film was based on a book, i never read the book because I only found out that there was a book after watching the movie. Although, I've read books about slavery that are very similar like the book i studied in college for AS English called 'Property' by Valerie Martin. I would say that if you have an interest in literature and politics then this movie is a must for you. I should warn you though, its not an easy watch because of the violence and blood and families being separated against their own will. Its based on a true story and i haven't watched Django Unchained yet but apparently they're very similar in terms of the story line.Overall i thought it was a good movie but difficult to watch 

Wolf Of Wall Street
This movie is for the Leonardo DiCaprio lovers but its also an exploitation of greedy money lovers. I agree that it was funny and entertaining but to me it was so repetitive seeing as it was a three hour movie and there was no need for it to be that long!It was a bit cliche with the gold digging wife and the after math of getting rich but i think i'm the only one complaining about that ): I wanted to watch this movie because i love 
Jonah Hill from 21 Jump Street and obviously Leonardo DiCaprio. I would recommend this movie but i would tell you to watch it at home because there are some awkward bits

The cutest Walt Disney film i have seen in  a long time. Its cliche but it explored the importance of family rather than having a prince charming like every other Disney movie. It was a comedy- adventure film and its also a musically diverse film with a touch of sisterhood which applies to me because i have 3 sisters. The animation was breathtaking especially if you watch it in 3D like i did although i left the cinema singing the catchy songs like 'let it go' by Demi Lavato.Its a cute film (I know i keep saying its cute but it really is really cute) to watch with your family although i think it should have been released last Christmas because of the snow theme and Olaf the snowman.

That's all m8

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