Friday, 31 October 2014



Flop: NOUN 1 A flopping movement or sound 2 (informal) a failure 
October: NOUN 1 the tenth month of the year

Another post where I try to justify where I've been and why I haven't posted, although I think my reasons are good enough this time. I've been really busy with work, family and university! Yes that's right, I go to university now! I'm studying English Language and Literature and I can't say I love it but somehow it takes up a lot of time. Here's some pictures from the past few weeks...

Selfie wearing the perfect coat from Topshop

 The second picture is of me wearing  a gown at a uni event called 'matriculation' which was just to celebrate joining the university and 'being added to the list'.

One very cool snap of a very cool freshers event
*add frame* Me at my friends sisters  mendi party 
University life - @ a seminar...

That's all for now, I just really wanted to post something on here before this month ends. So I'll try my best to go to back to my normal posting schedule in November.
My current favorite song (Can i just say i love Ed Sheeran - his album is amazinggggg and this video gives me chills!) (I'm sure you can all already guess what it is)

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