Thursday, 29 May 2014

Starbucks Happy Hour

Half price frappes!
If you don't have a picture of your Starbucks, did you really have Starbucks?

I thought I'd take advantage of the 10 days of half priced frappes that Starbucks were doing! That means you get a large cup for £1.85 when its usually £3.70!!!

 I wasn't planning on doing a post on this but might as well since i have some pictures! I don't like coffee so i never get the mocha ones (basically i ask for cream instead of coffee). My favourite is the strawberries and cream one because it tastes like a crazy calorie milkshake.

The chocolate cream one tastes like really cold chocolate ice cream and i also had a vanilla spice one(the all white one)which was nice but i always get brave and get  a venti (large) that i can never finish and this one made me feel a bit sick :/

Favorite song at the moment & i also really like the video!

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