Friday, 21 March 2014

Columbia Flower Market London

Sunday Flower Market

I've lived in London all my life and I'll admit that i haven't been to most of the iconic places here (because i'm lazy) but i did decide to go to the famous flower market and took some pictures so i can share my experience.
Check out their website here

Cute little shops that i didn't go in because it was very busy

The usual great buskers on street corners!

Some flowers......At a flower market....
I bought three of these!
They smell really nice (and the price!!!!)

^ Some prawns in breadcrumbs that i got from one of the shops at the side! They had really cute, quick and convenient independent shops that sell coffee, sandwiches and other snacks! I wish i could have took some more pictures but it was really busy and people were always moving! And unless you have a DSLR or a big camera then you're not considered a photographer so i was the only one taking pictures with my iPhone!

Overall the market was very very busy! Probably because its only open for a few hours on Sunday so you have to rush past the markets! Its so cheap and there's such a wide variety so if you're ever looking for any type of flowers then you know where to go!

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